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Julie Haugh I purchased WattPlot in October of 2007 for my dual inverter OutBack Power Systems solar power system. It readily installed on a Windows XP system I had in my kitchen, near where the Mate serial connection came. Whenever I wanted to view the system's performance elsewhere in the house, I had to use Windows Remote Desktop. That was such a bother (Intallact wanted another $100 for an entirely separate license so I could install the software on a different computer!) that I started to write my own product, which I called "JavaMate". WattPlot is very outdated, with no support for balance-of-system products from any vendor other than OutBack.

For a while I ran both "JavaMate" and WattPlot on the same computer. In early 2008 I decided that running a Windows computer 24/7, just to run WattPlot, was a waste of power and I turned WattPlot off, mostly for good and installed "JavaMate" on a 12 watt Linux PC.

In early 2009 I had a chance to start greenHouse Computers, LLC and began to market "JavaMate" under the name "greenMonitor". That little Linux PC became the "greenMonitor Server", my company's first commercially available dedicated OutBack Power Systems data logger.

Today I only run WattPlot to verify that my company's software is compatible with WattPlot. greenMonitor supports a wide variety of vendor products, including environmental sensors, AC power controls and charge controllers and inverters from other companies.

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Anita Beware of A123 DVD Clone Money Back Guarantee! If it doesn't work (and it didn't), the company WILL NOT refund your money. They may reply politely to your emails, but you WON'T get a cent back - bad news!!!

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